Meet one of our Key Team Members

Dal-Bac’s central mission is to exceed our customer’s expectations. That is why we are ISO 9001:2015 certified. However, we need great people to make sure that our processes and values are delivered to our customers. That is why we have people like Ruben Duran on our team.

Ruben Duran joined Dal-Bac with over 25 years of experience in the Automotive Industry working on a array of leading brands:

  • Ford
  • General Motors
  • BMW
  • Daimler
  • DRX
  • Tesla
  • Honda
  • Volkswagen/Audi

His background includes roles in customer service, business development, product launch, program management, purchasing, quality assurance and sales. This varied background fits perfectly with what Dal-Bac needs to provide exceptional service and results to our customers.

Education is a key part of Ruben’s story. He combines a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering with an MBA focused on project management. That foundation is very valuable in helping customers define their needs and working with our engineering and production teams to deliver it.

Ruben is bilingual and continues to play a substantial role in our growing business in Mexico. He is also the primary Dal-Bac point of contact for a group of key customers. Ruben’s customers tend to need new our customized solutions that take advantage of his specialized capabilities.

Ruben can help you create the product or solution you need utilizing our extensive array of converting services:

  • Coatings
    • Both Solvent and water based across a wide array of substrate
    • Knife-over-roll and Meyer Rod coating methods
  • Flame lamination
    • One side, two sides or multi-layer composites
    • Specializing in custom solutions and applications
  • Thermal Fusing
    • Controlled melting
    • Two to multiple layers
  • Specialty services
    • Die cutting
    • Slitting
    • Narrow-web screen printing

We are happy to create prototypes and explore new solutions for our customers. Teammates like Ruben Duran allow us to welcome challenging opportunities and exceed our customer’s expectations.

Anti-fog coating utilizing Advanced Coating Technologies

Dal-Bac Manufacturing deploys its advanced coating technologies across a variety of industries. Anti-fog coatings are one of our specialty services. These coatings are designed to deter moisture condensation on the coated surface to allow for clear visibility in a variety of environments. Anti-fog coatings are used for see-through panels and for a wide range of visors and protective eyewear.

Our advanced coating technologies allow us to apply anti-fog coatings to a number of different films including:

  • PET
  • Polycarbonate
  • PVC
  • PE

The coating is typically applied in a very thin layer to insure optimum visual clarity. Anti-fog coatings range from low-end water-based formulations for limited use applications too much more permanent, two part mixtures for products with long life requirements. Generally, the anti-fog coating is applied to comparatively thin films that are continuously processed from roll to roll.

Most of our anti-fog coating services utilize a Meyer rod coating system that allows us to precisely control the application of very thin surface coatings. Our process is engineered to deliver coatings in a precise layer from .001” to .005”.

Dal-Bac’s advanced coating technologies include applying both solvent and water-borne coatings to ensure the best possible result for our customers. Our engineering team works with our customers to make certain that the substrate and coating are exactly what is needed to meet specific requirements. We also provide custom formulations to meet unique customer needs.

As an ISO 9001: 2015 company, Dal-Bac takes pride in our robust quality management system that is designed to help us continuously improve and exceed customer expectations. Our process ensures that everything from the raw materials to the final product will meet or exceed customer requirements. Our inspection process includes:

  • Coating thickness
  • Coating weight
  • Residual solvents/water
  • Bond strength

We are able to turn most coating projects within a 2 – 4 week window and would welcome the opportunity to put our advanced coating technologies to work on your next project.

Innovative Medical Fabrics

Medical fabrics play an important role in healthcare and there is a growing need for innovative fabric solutions for use in specific medical environments and treatment modalities. Dal-Bac specializes in creating custom medical fabric lamination solutions to meet a broad range of specifications. Requirements for medical fabrics can include:

  • • Absorbency
  • • Padding capability
  • • Durability and strength
  • • Flexibility
  • • Softness
  • • Moisture and air permeability (breathability)
  • • Moisture and air barrier
  • • Safe for direct skin contact
  • • Biodegradability

Dal-Bac Manufacturing is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with extensive experience with the composites used in medical fabrics and a core commitment to exceeding our customer’s expectations. The combination of our ISO 9001: 2015 processes and our laminating, fusing and coating expertise and experience allow us to produce medical fabric solutions that deliver exceptional performance and results. Our product range currently includes:

  • • Padding composites for orthopedic and orthotic appliances
  • • Disposable surgical masks
  • • Skin contact sensor materials
  • • Laminates for fluid collection pouches
  • • Skin contact pressure sensitive adhesive products

With our in-house engineering capabilities we take great pride in our ability to craft custom solutions for our customers. Our medical fabrics are created from a wide range of original fabrics and materials including:

  • • Hook-compatible loop knits
  • • Non-woven fabrics
  • • Anti-microbial fabrics
  • • Enhanced wicking fabrics
  • • Mesh fabrics
  • • Stretch knits
  • • Foam laminates
  • • Coatings for both barrier and permeable solutions

Our team loves to exceed customer expectations and is ready to address your needs. If you have a unique challenge that requires creative thinking, engineering and production expertise – give Dal-Bac a try!

Fabric Lamination Requires expertise.

Fabric lamination is a core service at Dal-Bac manufacturing. We recognize the critical importance of safeguarding our customer’s investments in expensive, and often fragile, fabrics. Meticulous processes and attention to detail are necessary to consistently deliver exceptional fabric lamination results.

A key part in a successful fabric lamination project is a clear understanding of what our customer needs to accomplish. Notice that we say “needs” instead of “wants” because our purpose is to exceed your expectations with the best possible solution. Our engineering and production teams need to know the performance characteristics your fabric composites require:

  • • Fire protection
  • • Liquid protection
  • • Moisture barrier
  • • Heat tolerance
  • • Acoustic barrier
  • • Flexibility
  • • Strength

Once we understand the required performance characteristics we can recommend the best approach to deliver them. Our solutions include:

  • • Specific adhesives
  • • Barrier materials
  • • Backing solutions
  • • Downstream production solutions

At its core, fabric lamination combines two or more, layers of fabric into a single composite that is superior to a single fabric. Fabric lamination creates composite fabrics that are typically more durable, versatile, stronger and water-resistant. Dal-Bac utilizes two different methods for fabric lamination:

  • Flame Lamination: Flame lamination passes a foam layer, or other flame laminable grade of material, over an open flame to create a thin tacky layer of melted material on the surface of the layer. A secondary fabric is quickly brought into contact with the heated layer to create a tight bond under controlled tension and pressure. The resulting composite can be a single, double or multi-layer laminate.
  • Thermal Fusing: Allows us to bond thin flexible materials, such as fabrics, in situations where wet adhesives are not practical. Our thermal fusing process bonds materials in a continuous roll-to-roll fashion. By carefully controlling temperature, pressure, dwell time and selecting the best adhesive substrate, we create finished products with enhanced durability and performance.

Dal-Bac Manufacturing Company is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company dedicated to exceeding customer expectations. We are experts in creating custom fabric lamination solutions for a wide range of industries. Contact us about your fabric lamination needs.

Versatile Foam Lamination

At Dal-Bac, creating custom foam lamination solutions has always been a big part of our business. The reason is that foams are very versatile materials that can be combined in a wide variety of ways to create solutions to very specific product challenges. While we have worked with cross-linked polyethylene foams, polystyrene foams, vinyl-nitrile sponges, EVA sponges and other expanded Continue reading

Thermal Fusing for Thin, Flexible Materials

At Dal-Bac we rely on thermal fusing as an effective means to bond thin flexible materials in situations where it is impractical to use alternative laminating techniques. With thermal fusing, two or more materials are joined together using heat and pressure, resulting in a finished product that combines the characteristics of the individual layers. Continue reading