Happy Holidays From Dal-Bac and Dallas Bias

Happy Holidays

2020 has been a challlenging year for everyone and we are even more thankful than usual for our teammates, suppliers and customers. We are proud that we have been able to continue to exceed our customers expectations this year and are looking forward to a much brighter 2021 for all of us. Thank you for your support and partnership and best wishes to you and your loved ones for this Holiday Season and the New Year!I 

Happy Holidays from all of us at
Dallas Bias and Dal-bac Manufacturing.

Happy Holidays and 2020 Holiday Schedule

Happy Holidays from Dallas Bias
and Dal-Bac Manufacturing Company!

Our staff and families are wishing you and your family the happiest of Holiday Seasons. We also want to take the opportunity, at this special time of year, to thank you for working and partnering with us.

Here’s a quick reminder about our holiday schedule:

Thursday November 26, 2020 CLOSED
Friday November 27, 2020 CLOSED

Our office and plant will be closed on Christmas Day, December 25.
Manufacturing operations will be shut down from December 25 through January 1.

Monday, 28th of December – Thursday, 31st our office we will be OPEN.
Friday, January 1st our office and plant will be CLOSED. 

We will return to normal hours on January 4, 2021.

We will still be receiving your purchase orders via email at:
orders@dalbac.com and orders@dallasbias.com

Please feel free to contact us at 972-564-6200 and 214-824-2036.

We appreciate your business. Happy Holidays from all of us at
Dallas Bias and Dal-bac Manufacturing.

The Dal-Bac Story

Since 1973, Dal-Bac Manufacturing Co., Inc. has been supporting their customers with a variety of converting capabilities serving many industries.In the beginning our primary operation was solvent and pressure sensitive coatings for the apparel industry. 

Franz Duy, owner and President and Max Kipness, owner of Dallas Bias Manufacturing, purchased the company in 1978. Our vast experience in the apparel trade industry allowed us to expand our capabilities into flat bed fusing, flame laminating, narrow web weaving and printing as well as die cutting. 

Our journey has given us experience in many different markets including orthopedic, advertising specialty, automotive, building trades, apparel, and appliques.

Our desire today is the same as it has been for the past 42 years; we value all of our customers and potential customers and work with each one to find how we fit. Once we establish a fit, we work diligently to create a cost effective, high quality product. We have a strong staff devoted to the engineering and service necessary to establish and maintain long term partnerships.

Dal-Bac Manufacturing was awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certification in the spring of 2013. On June 23, 2016, we were awarded certification to the most recently revised ISO 9001:2015 revision. These achievements demonstrate Dal-Bac’s ongoing commitment to world class quality performance in providing products to our customers.

Over the years we have grown from 4 employees to over sixty and from 12,000 ft2 to 120,000 ft2 of manufacturing and warehouse space. In 2020 we merged with Dallas Bias to enhance our capabilities and better serve our customers.

Let’s start a conversation about how we can help you!

Ruben Duran
Account Manager

The History of Dallas Bias

The Dallas Bias story began with Max Kipness, the son of European immigrants, being born and raised in New York City during the depression. Max was forced to go out into the world and earn his way at around age 14. HIs career began in a bias binding factory. He spent most of his time from that point to his early 30’s learning his trade.

In the early 50’s Max decided he wanted to move his family to Dallas and open his own shop. In 1958 his vision became a reality with the incorporation of Dallas Bias Fabrics. The company has been providing all types of trim services to the thriving needle industry of Dallas ever since.

Max’s three sons and his grandson eventually joined him in the business. Today the company is owned and operated by the second and third generation of the Kipness family.

For more than 62 Years Dallas Bias Fabrics has been synonymous with great quality, excellent lead-times, and great prices.

Servicing the Apparel, Uniform/ Military, Medical, Automotive/ Boat Covers Industries our customers continue to favor us with their orders.

In 2019 Dallas Bias Fabrics merged with Dal-Bac Manufacturing Company a young and vibrant company whose services complement Dallas Bias’s capabilities. We are now known as Dal-Bac Manufacturing Company a proud American Company that excels in customer satisfaction, lead-times, and great prices.

Since 1978 Dal-Bac has been favored by companies in the Medical, Automotive, Military, Apparel, Sports equipment, and Advertising Specialties industries. With the addition of Dallas Bias we combine lamination processes with conversion expertise, to serve your needs for flame lamination, thermally fused lamination, specialty coated flexible materials, slitting, trimming, one color fast screen printing, reflective striping, Military Name-tapes, Bias Binding, Waistbands, Spaghetti Straps, Cording/Piping, Folded Bindings, and more….

Here are some examples of the products we proudly manufacture in the USA:

And so much more.

Let’s start a conversation,

Ruben Duran
Account Manager


DAL-BAC MANUFACTURING is an ISO 9001 certified Company with a Quality System that continuously measures performance by directly communicating with our customers.

We elicit feedback on the key customer service metrics of on-time delivery, quality of products and competitive pricing.

With respect to delivery, our goal is to have all products leave our docks by the promised ship date. With the current pandemic, this is quite a challenge, but our Customer Service team works with our customers to meet their delivery expectations and avoid causing costly downtime to their operations. Since the onset of the pandemic, no customer has reported downtime due to late shipments from Dal-Bac. We ship on time and in the quantities required by the customer.

Naturally, we also strive to meet customer expectations of product quality. When an issue of quality arises, we promptly initiate an investigation into the possible root cause and engage all contributing parties to determine an effective corrective action. Once determined, we move to put these corrective actions in place as expeditiously as possible. We pride ourselves on our quality assurance programs. Our customer feedback reflects satisfaction with our measures to maintain quality and with how promptly we react to any given situation.

Lastly, we work to ensure that our customers receive the best possible pricing we can offer. Our markets, like so many others, are always demanding better products at lower prices. Dal-Bac works with our customers – whether it is raw material sourcing, product redesign or taking advantage of economies of scale – to help them meet their budgetary expectations on pricing, and/or provide value added alternatives to exceed customer requirements.

At Dal-Bac, Customer Satisfaction is our focus, and our customers who provide vendor performance reports, consistently reflect this commitment.

If you are looking for a laminator of flexible materials as well as material conversion and custom cutting/slitting with a company that is committed to the superiority of your products, give us a call at 469-689-0964 or email me at rduran@dalbac.com

Still Open for Business

Dal-Bac and Dallas Bias are currently still operating and we will inform you immediately if that changes. We are currently only able to produce products that have been deemed essential by our state and local authorities. If you have a product that is considered essential, and we are not producing it, please provide us with documentation for the product and we will do our best to accommodate your need with our limited workforce. 

Like most businesses we have taken steps to safeguard our employees as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak including having any team member that can work from home do so. For our production and logistics teams, we have implemented a social distancing program inside our facilities along with an increase in cleaning and sanitizing of all workspaces. All team members are being monitored for health and we are prepared to take additional steps as necessary.

Our goal continues to be to provide you with the exceptional products and service that you expect. We are closely monitoring the situation and meeting all the regulatory guidelines from federal, state and local authorities.

We know that we all share a wish for the COVID-19 situation to be safely behind us. Until then, we will do our best to continue to exceed your expectations. We wish you and your families only the best as we all work our way through this together.

Dallas Bias Merges with Dal-Bac

We are excited to announce that effective January 1, 2020 Dal-Bac Manufacturing and Dallas Bias Converting Solutions have merged. Going forward the company will operate as Dal-Bac Manufacturing with Dallas Bias Converting Solutions as a primary product line.

Dallas Bias has been in business since 1958 and focuses on converting solutions for a range of industries including:

  • Custom cutting, binding, folding and specialty services for the apparel industry.
  • Customized nametapes for all types of uniforms.
  • Bindings for a wide variety of medical products
  • Custom protective covers for boats, cars and recreational equipment.
  • High visibility reflective trim options for safety apparel

The combined company will provide a comprehensive suite of integrated services including our existing flame lamination, coatings, thermal fusing, die cutting, printing, and slitting conversion capabilities. The addition of Dallas Bias will expand our supplier network and add to our talented production and customer service teams. Plus, the Dallas Bias warehouse in Central America will extend our international reach.

Thermal Fusing: Featuring adhesives now, later or none at all

Thermal fusing is one of our primary services at Dal-Bac Manufacturing. We use thermal fusing to bond thin flexible materials in situations where it is not practical to utilize other laminating techniques. This process is ideal for fusing materials like:

  • Textiles
  • Plastic films
  • Papers
  • Foams
  • Non-wovens

The finished products have enhanced durability and performance that stands up in a wide range of environmental extremes.

Selecting the correct adhesive is a critical part of any thermal fusing project. Our engineering team works closely with our customers to gain a complete understanding of the bond requirements in the finished product. This can depend on where and when the adhesive will be fully activated. There are three primary options:

  1. The project involves creating a finished product consisting of one or multiple layers of materials bonded together for use in downstream production.  In this case the adhesive is fully activated creating the final composite product.
  2. The project requires that adhesive be added to a material but not fully activated. The adhesive will be reactivated at a later production stage to create bonds between the original material and other surfaces.
  3.  The project does not require any adhesive because of the nature of the materials being bonded together. With some materials we can create a strong bond by using controlled melting of one of the lamination materials. The melted material flows into the other materials and creates an exceptionally strong bond while eliminating adhesive application and cost.

Regardless of the type of project, the keys to successful thermal fusing are carefully controlling the temperature, dwell time, pressure and selecting the best adhesive substrate. This requires a dedication to a manufacturing process that is confirmed by our ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Dal-Bac understands the importance of meeting your requirements and we strive to always exceed customer expectations. That’s why we offer prototypes and samples to demonstrate our expertise and allow for your internal testing.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives – It is all about the “anchor!”

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives are commonly known as “peel and stick” adhesives, or “sticky back tapes.” A typical PSA consists of a layer of adhesive that is applied to a variety of substrates and then covered and protected by a release paper or film that is removed to expose the adhesive. Pressure is then used to secure the substrate to the target surface.

Common examples of pressure sensitive adhesives include:

  • Band-Aids
  • Duct tape
  • Peel and stick labels
  • Medical patches
  • Athletic tape
  • Automotive trim
  • Safety labels
  • Note pads

Some pressure sensitive adhesives are permanent like safety labels on power equipment and some are removable like a Band-Aid. Both are applied with pressure but require very different types of adhesive. The key to an effective PSA is a complete understanding of the anchoring requirements for the adhesive and the expected environmental conditions.

At Dal-Bac our engineering teams work with our customers to make sure our anchorage solutions will meet their expectations. This includes:

  • Identifying and understanding the primary surface for the adhesive (this is the surface of the substrate to which the adhesive is to be coated)
  • Identifying and understanding the target surface for the adhesive (this is the surface to which the pressure sensitive adhesive product is to be applied by the consumer)
  • Understanding the customer’s duration of bond expectations: permanent, repositionable or removable
  • Defining the expected environmental conditions, both during application of the adhesive and during it’s performance window

With this information we come up with the best adhesive options for each specific application.

Get the benefit of our experience

Dal-Bac is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. This means we are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations and improving our processes to create better customer value. In practice, this means we can put all of our extensive pressure sensitive adhesive knowledge to work for you.

We work with both water-borne and solvent-based adhesives – with a range of chemistries – and will select the one best suited for your product. If additional anchoring power is needed we can utilize either Corona treating or a double coated PSA. In addition, we have developed a proprietary, dual-adhesive technology that allows us to boost the anchorage of PSA’s across a wide variety of challenging substrates.

We take pride in creating the right “anchor” for all of our PSA customers. We specialize in creating companion pressure sensitive products for our customers’ primary product lines.

Consider Dal-Bac for your pressure sensitive needs, and let us show you what we can do.

Your Success is Our Business

Dal-Bac Manufacturing Company operates on a simple principle. We can only succeed by helping our customers. That is why we directly state on our website that our goal is to “help our customers reduce costs and increase yields.”

To live up to that goal we became an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and updated to the most recent certification ISO: 9001:2015 in July of 2016.

To become ISO certified a company must demonstrate:

  • Ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer requirements and all applicable regulatory requirements
  • Compliance with a Quality Management System that details requirements for materials, products and services
  • Use of a process-based approach that identifies interactions between processes and discovers methods to improve results

We are one of the few ISO certified companies in our industry and are proud to have set such a high standard for ourselves. It keeps us focused on exceeding your expectations.

Dal-Bac has been providing soft goods converting solutions across a wide range of industries since 1973. Our core service areas are:

  • Coating Services:  We apply both solvent and water-borne coatings to an array of substrates including fabrics, films, foams and papers.
  • Flame Lamination:  We bond flexible foams and non-wovens with our low-cost and eco-friendly process that can produce single-sided, double-sided or multilayer laminations.
  • Thermal Fusing: We use controlled heat, pressure and dwell time to bind thin flexible materials in situations where wet adhesives are not practical.

Beyond our core services we offer a range of specialty services including die cutting, slitting and narrow-web screen-printing. In addition we also support our customers with a complete engineering department and an extensive supplier network.

  • Engineering: Our engineers help you get the best outcome for your product by identifying the best materials and process for it. They can help you come up with a new product, solve a problem and develop prototypes as a proof of concept.
  • Supplier Network: We have long-term partnerships with suppliers and work closely with them to develop and identify new and improved materials solutions.

What you end up with is a company dedicated to helping you succeed. Please let us know if we can help improve your process, lower your costs or help you launch a new product.