Pressure Sensitive Adhesives, Anti-Fog Coating, and More with Advanced Coating Technologies

Dal-Bac Manufacturing provides advanced coating technologies across a variety of industries including automotive, medical, sports, textiles, and construction. Our advanced coating technologies include both solvent and water-borne coatings across a wide variety of substrates.

We utilize Meyer Rod, Knife-Over-Roll, and Pattern coating to produce our coating solutions. Our technical and engineering teams are the keys to creating successful coatings for our customers as they allow us to:

  • Research, test, and identify the best coating solution for the specified substrates
  • Research, test, and identify the best combination of substrates and adhesives to exceed performance requirements
  • Create, improve, or customize the coating application process to meet specific performance requirements
  • Create custom adhesive formulations to meet the unique requirements of a specific application

Dal-Bac is an ISO 2001: 2015 certified company. ISO certification requires commitment to exceeding customer expectations and continuous improvement in process and product quality. That commitment is the foundation of our advanced coatings technologies solutions.

We understand that testing during the application process and after the application process is critical to delivering accurate coatings with exceptional quality. That is why we constantly seek to improve our process and add additional tools to insure accurate application, exceptional performance, and the highest quality.

A great example of this is the addition of a Keyence sensor to our wet coating production capabilities. The Keyence sensor lets us:

  • Control coating weights
  • More accurately measure for improved application performance
  • Apply and measure thinner layers of coating
  • Generate real time data for coating applications immediately after adhesive deposition
  • Improve production process and quality control on a continuous basis

We rely on our proven process to make certain that our advanced coatings technologies will exceed your expectations for performance, quality, and cost. Our engineering and process teams work with our customers to make certain that all substrates and coatings are exactly what are needed to meet specific requirements.  Our advanced coating technologies include Pressure Sensitive Adhesives, Anti-Fog, water-borne, and solvent coating applications. We also provide custom coating formulations to meet unique customer needs.